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FREE Speech Therapy Materials!

Thanks to, there are plenty of FREE printable materials to work on a multitude of different concepts with your child anywhere, anytime! Click on the links below to check out these fun, interactive games with your children (or clients!).

  • He Does, She Does Game: This game works on proper use of gender-specific pronouns.
  • Where Questions Game: This game will help you to work on speech and language skills, mainly matching the question to the “where” question.
  • Funny Faces Grammar Game: This FUN game works on building different faces while describing moods, possessive nouns, and many other speech and language skills.
  • Sequencing Game: This game includes working on skills such as sequencing and following directions. Included are sequencing from 5 steps to 9 steps.
  • Opposite Game: This game works on learning opposites and how they relate to each other.
  • Vocabulary Game: This game can be used in a variety of ways. Not only does this game work on building vocabulary, but you can also work on basic concepts, following directions, and answering questions.
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear Game: This game is used along with the Brown Bear, Brown Bear: What do you see? book. Use this game to develop speech and language using a carrier phrase, literacy skills, and reading skills.
  • Adjectives Game: This game will help children learn different vocabulary words as well as learning to describe items using their five senses!
  • Spatial Concepts Game: This game will help children learn spatial concepts such as behind, next to, in front of, on top, and so on. Very important concepts to learn!
  • When Questions Game: This game will help children learn how to properly answer “when” questions at varying difficulty levels.

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Calming Fidget Toys

Does your child fidget a lot? Sometimes all a child needs is the appropriate input to satisfy their sensory needs. Even “silent” tools that your child can use in the classroom, in the car, or while waiting. Check out some of these GREAT sensory, fidgeting toys from the Therapy Shoppe!

Calming fidget toys and occupational therapy sensory tools can be very effective sensory diet self-regulation tools for home, travel, school classrooms, the office… just about anywhere! Help prevent meltdowns, keep fingers busy, minds focused, and bodies relaxed with all the extraordinary calming fidgets toys and sensory tools from the Therapy Shoppe®!

Also, think about a spinner ring!! Age-appropiate while also helping to keep the hands busy!

Here are a few AWESOME examples:


O Ball


Fidgeting Foot Band


Sensory Gel Pad


Chewy Pencil Toppers


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How To Make Free Flashcards the Quick & Easy Way

How much time do you spend searching for therapy materials and making them?  If you are like me, you often feel like you are just spending too much time making therapy cards.

I am going to share with you my little therapy card “trade secret”.  It’s super easy, and even better- it’s free!  All you have to do is go to Quizlet (  This is a terrific site; it is a virtual community of people who use flash cards, make them and SHARE them.  To join, all you have to do is create a user name plus password.  You can search by topic and Quizlet will populate the results section with a myriad of choices for you to grab and print.  Or, better yet, (yes- it gets better!), you can upload whatever deck of flashcards that you want from Quizlet onto your iPad.  Poof!  Immediately, you have a deck of flashcards to use in your therapy or lesson.  No hassle, no cutting, no laminating, no fuss.  Now, if you do want to use the iPad as a platform for your flashcards, it will be necessary to have a “flashcard App”.  I like to use  the free App, “Cardboard”  (  There are other free flashcard apps such as, “Brainscapes” ( and  “Flashcards Delux” (  It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s even kind of fun to see how creative some people are in the Quizlet community!

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