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Fantasy & Pretend Play Boost Cooperation Skills

Pretend Play teaches kids how to cooperate better with their peers. Dramatic play, whether it’s pirates, house, school or super-heros actually refines children’s social and communication skills. This summer, consider putting together a dress up treasure box filled with creative castoffs, set your kids loose and let their social communication skills blossom!

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Fun Food Apps for the Elementary School Aged Picky Eater

Worried about your son or daughter’s nutritional needs?  At this age, your child should be taking some responsibility for establishing healthy eating habits.  Eating a wide range of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean protein is essential to brain devleopment and body growth.

Try out these fun apps to teach healthy eating concepts in a way that kids ages 9-12 like to learn: on the iPad or iPhone!

  1. FITTER CRITTERS:  you have a virtual pet that needs healthy foods that are garden fresh.  If you give him too many treats, he may get into the habit of eating them and become a junk food junkie, get a tummy ache, or other troubles.
  2. LUNCH LINE:  with this app, BMI is calculated for your child and using this, your child must then navigate her way through the lunch line menu choices to build a healthy meal, or else….
  3. FOOD BUSTER:  the goal of this game is to find nutritious foods that are low in calories, sugars and saturated fats, put them on the food scale – but careful….the scale can break!

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